Phase diagram of Ag-Pd bimetallic nanoclusters by molecular dynamics simulations: solid-to-liquid transition and size-dependent behavior.


This report on the solid-to-liquid transition region of an Ag-Pd bimetallic nanocluster is based on a constant energy microcanonical ensemble molecular dynamics simulation combined with a collision method. By varying the size and composition of an Ag-Pd bimetallic cluster, we obtained a complete solid-solution type of binary phase diagram of the Ag-Pd system. Irrespective of the size and composition of the cluster, the melting temperature of Ag-Pd bimetallic clusters is lower than that of the bulk state and rises as the cluster size and the Pd composition increase. Additionally, the slope of the phase boundaries (even though not exactly linear) is lowered when the cluster size is reduced on account of the complex relations of the surface tension, the bulk melting temperature, and the heat of fusion. The melting of the cluster initially starts at the surface layer. The initiation and propagation of a five-fold icosahedron symmetry is related to the sequential melting of the cluster.


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