EIFFEL Report : Starting the Discussion FINAL VERSION


The purpose of this document is to provide a first account of the discussions within the EIFFEL think tank, set within the context of broad commercial, regulatory and academic concerns about the nature of and process of arriving at the Future Internet. It is, therefore, divided into three parts: technology, business and society. The report is addressed both to the EIFFEL membership and more widely to members of the community interested in networking developments in the medium to long term. Whilst the report is not intended as a verbatim account of any specific Think Tank meeting, it is founded on the discussions that were held within the first two meetings. The overall aim of the report is to stimulate focussed debate on desirable research and regulatory goals, actions to be taken in reaching them, and potential barriers to their realisation. Disclaimer: The ideas in this document reflect numerous discussions among participants in the EIFFEL think tank, an EU FP7 supported activity (http://www.fp7-eiffel.eu). Opinions expressed are drawn from consensus views among the individuals participating in this initiative but cannot be represented as the exact opinion of any individual participating or their employer. These people, through personal interest and/or the goodwill of their employers, have given time and energy to this discussion. There are undoubtedly more people that have contributed ideas verbally or electronically and we acknowledge all these contributions.


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