Integrated Energy Management System Platform


The Japanese government’s setting of mediumterm targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions (cutting emissions by 25% from 1990 levels by 2020), revision of the “Law concerning the rational use of energy” (energy saving law), the international standard (ISO 50001) concerning energy management to be issued this year, and the like are measures that address the urgent need to prevent global warming. Additionally, many smart communities, aiming to realize a global sustainable society, are proceeding with efforts to use new forms of energy and to conserve energy. To attain these goals, the entire supply and demand of energy must be integrally managed and operated, and for this purpose, energy management systems (EMS) will have a greater role than ever before. Fuji Electric has developed various EMS focused on the energy supply chain in the fi elds of power, iron and steel, water, industry, retail distribution, etc. The functions of a cluster EMS (CEMS), factory EMS (FEMS), building EMS (BEMS), and retail EMS (REMS) have been integrated into a single platform to develop an integrated EMS platform for providing EMS functions that meet various onsite needs, rapidly and at low cost.


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