Wideband Linearly Polarized Transmitarray Antenna for 60 GHz Backhauling


This communication presents the design of a linearly polarized transmitarray antenna for backhauling applications at V-band (57–66 GHz). The antenna is composed of a planar circular-shape array with 1264 unit-cells (UCs) printed on a three-metal layer standard printed circuit board, an ad hoc focal source, and a radome layer. A 3-b phase resolution has been selected to achieve a gain higher than 31 dBi over the whole unlicensed 60 GHz band and low sidelobe levels. The presence of the radome near the array is taken into account in the UC design. Experimental results are in line with the theoretical ones provided by an in-house CAD tool based on analytical model and electromagnetic simulations. The proposed design presents a measured broadside gain of 32.5 dBi at 61.5 GHz with an aperture efficiency of 42.7% and a wide 1-dB gain bandwidth of 15.4% (57–66.5 GHz).


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