[The combination of psoriasis with different types of lipoproteinemias. 2. The characteristics of the dyslipoproteinemias caused by disorders in triacylglyceride transport in psoriasis].


The findings of examination of patients with disseminated psoriasis vulgaris evidence a reduction of high-density lipoprotein (HDLP) cholesterol in women and of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in men with type IV hyperlipoproteinemia (HLP) as against the normolipidemic patients. Correlation of serum triacylglycerides and HDLP cholesterol concentration was discovered only in men with type IV HLP (r = -0.72, p less than 0.01), administered lipid-reducing and cytostatic drugs. The period of hospitalization was longer and the remissions less frequent in these patients in comparison with normolipidemic groups. No correlation of these indexes with serum levels of triacylglycerides was detectable. The authors come to a conclusion that type IV HLP in patients with psoriasis is of a multifactorial origin and that sex-associated differences characteristic of hypertriacylglyceridemia may be explained by the specific influence of male and female hormones on lipoprotein metabolism.


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